We are aviation veterans providing exceptional solutions for government and industry.

AvVets, short for Aviation Veterans, is a veteran-owned small business that provides consulting and contract support services for both government and industry clients. By leveraging years of experience and expertise, our consultants develop innovative concepts and solutions that help our clients address complex issues in the ever-evolving world of air transportation systems.  Our consultants and leadership team specialize in aviation and air traffic control systems and procedures in order to advance air traffic control safety and support the National Airspace System (NAS) evolution.

Our services address technical and engineering challenges related to air traffic management, aircraft capabilities, and air traffic control systems integration. Our solutions are tailored from the point of view of the aviation community and the FAA customer's specific needs and expectations.  We have the resources to provide superior consultants capable of solving today's most challenging problems.

We have teamed with the best companies in the industry allowing us to provide a broad spectrum of support services to ensure our customers reach their goals.  We are proud to have active partnerships with companies such as: SAIC, CSSI, Digital iBiz, Indev, and LS Technologies. We also have access to some of the most talented aviation professionals with experience working on FAA's mission-critical systems and procedures. Please contact us if you are interested in teaming with us.


To bring together the right people with a passion for aviation and innovative ideas in order to advance the science and safety of the air traffic system while exceeding customer expectations.


We are mission-driven, customer-focused, innovative professionals who pursue excellence, teamwork, and collaboration with honesty and integrity.  We enjoy tackling difficult mission-critical challenges.


To be the service provider of choice for the National Airspace System evolution and help ensure the U.S. remains the leader in the safest and most efficient air transportation system in the world.